Membership Dashboards

Kelley Consulting’s exclusive membership site operates on a subscription-based model, offering unparalleled access to meticulously crafted dashboards tailored for clinical and health-related data. These sophisticated dashboards serve as dynamic tools, presenting publicly available information in an engaging visual format. The primary objective is to facilitate in-depth exploratory analysis, enabling members to derive valuable insights swiftly and efficiently. The subscription ensures an ongoing stream of updated and relevant content, empowering healthcare professionals and enthusiasts alike with the tools needed for comprehensive data-driven decision-making. As members delve into the wealth of information provided, they gain a nuanced understanding of complex health issues, fostering a community that thrives on informed discussions and collaborative problem-solving. Joining the Kelley Consulting membership site not only grants access to cutting-edge dashboards but also opens the door to a vibrant network of individuals dedicated to advancing healthcare knowledge and decision-making through the power of visualized data.

Clinical trials dashboard from the website, including phase I through IV trials to support country and site identification in early planning for clinical trials.

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